A Warm Heart

Today I saw nothing but smiling faces and open hearts. It’s Christmas, the most holiest and most wonderful time of the year. I’m not an overly religious person but I do believe in God and in Jesus and fate and a good spirit. I try my best to love and live in good spirits and no matter what difficulties I’m enduring I try to overcome and always put my best foot forward.

You all know how sick I have been. I pushed myself to go to my family’s get together and there we all drank, ate, laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. For a moment I forgot how sick I was, everyone for a moment forgot their troubles and we all focused on the love we shared and the happiness we created by being together. It really means the world to have someone to share something with. Even if you’re alone and you make a phone call to a friend and ya how much you love them, the feeling is there and it means so much. Today meant everything and I was so glad to have had it happen.

Christmas is the birth of Christ yes, but it’s also about the abundance of love and harmony one has. Jesus is love isn’t he? Like I said I’m not religious and this is most likely the heaviest I’ve ever talked about it in my lifetime but when you’ve witnessed death, and have been sick and have lived in pain and suffering you tend to reach out to a higher power and belief. I believe mostly in myself and what I can achieve. I believe in my family and my parents. I believe in my strong hardworking friends who are amazing in every way.

We all have a warm heart and open eyes. This world needs more of them and more than anything it needs love. God Bless you all and thank you for reading my rambling yet again. Still trying to get well but today helped greatly and made me smile.

It meant everything.