Life is Precious


It dawns on you one day… how precious your life is and how not okay it is for anyone, ever, to cause you any amount of suffering, ever. Then the next time you step out the door you look at everyone and you’re thinking, “My life is precious and you’re not allowed to hurt me.”
C. JoyBell C.

Despite all the pain and suffering people endure everyday life is the most precious gift you have. Despite all the heartache and the unfairness handed to you, this life was given to you and its the only one you’ll ever get. Among the sours, there are sweets. Perhaps you met someone who made you smile, maybe you got a compliment that made you feel good about yourself. Maybe you got something, a talent or a unique trait that no one else has which makes you the special one. Its so hard to live sometimes. Its so hard to keep going. One feeling can lead some to the end of the ropes. I cant even imagine. All I want is to offer my hand which is already cut up and broken, but yet I will always offer more, offer it all. I may wish things would end, but after realizing the big picture which is…I am lucky. I am grateful for what I do have in this life. I am grateful for the air in my lungs, the days I wake up. the love that comes from others. Some aren’t as lucky, but some do have something. They always will.

“If you could possibly understand how precious and powerful your experience of this one lifetime as yourself is, you wouldn’t be trying to go anywhere else.
If you could know the perfection of time and space,
You would slow each moment down
To drain every possible nuance of juice and flavor from it.
When you leave this place, your body and mind and the earth which holds you, you will look back and only wish you had known the immense richness that you hurried through trying to find other better states of being.
But this is the best bite.
Heaven is here.
Nirvana is now.
As soon as you know that for sure
Your life will never be the same again.
In fact, in every way it seeks to get your attention. begs you to awaken to the magic right before your eyes.”
Jacob Nordby


Point is that you’re still breathing. You’re still here. I am still here. We need to make this worth it all. Even if you’re all alone and have no one. I am here for you. I love you. I love myself. We need to get through this and we will. Life is precious and so are you, as am I. We deserve the best. Always. Its fucking sucks, but its worth it. Keep going. Keep fighting.

“It’s amazing to see the beauty of the world. It’s so beautiful and so brutal. It’s a reminder that every second of life is precious.”
Sally Green


6 thoughts on “Life is Precious

  1. I think I needed to hear this… to read those words. I struggle with the suicidal thoughts. At random times. Sometimes for no reason. Just a desire to get away; to see my loved ones who are gone; to escape the stress and the migraine that can be life. But you’re so right. We all eventually leave, so we have to make the best of what we have and what we are while we are still lucky enough to be here. I love you, Sunny. Thank you.

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